Learn computer programming in various languages

From our expert instructors!

At Launchpad Learning (L2I), our mission is to empower you with the skills required to lead their way in the hi-tech world. We provide coding classes for kids (ages 5+) and adults. Learn how to code in a fun and interactive way. Our offerings include summer camps, computer programming classes, virtual classes and coding for adults.

We also provide professional technology services for small businesses.

Why learn coding?

  • Coding teaches how to create content and not to only consume it
  • Coding teaches problem solving and critical analysis skills
  • STEM occupations are the present and the future
  • Coding is a creative outlet, a liberal art
  • Coding teaches storytelling with games and animations

Why Launchpad Learning?

Let Kids Be Kids

Our classes are fun and interactive which keeps students engaged.

Boost Creativity

Our classes cross train the kids in other subjects maths, English, science etc.

Why Learn Coding

Practical coding

We teach coding which is relevant in the market today.

Communication skills

An interactive class where the kids are motivated to work in teams.

Face to Face Learning

Highly skilled teachers who are motivated to train your kids

Want to give your kids the skills to lead in 21st century.