From users of Technology to Creators of Technology

Computer programming is at the core of everything that we do in today’s world. At L2I, we believe that technology is becoming an integral parts of our lives. We are surrounded by technology, whether it’s in our hands, vehicles or our homes. Technology is making our life simpler, but do we understand what goes in making these gadgets?

L2I is your platform to learn how stuff works. We want our kids to start developing these skills at an early age and match pace with the rest of the world. We want you to be the creator of technology.

The Launchpad Difference

We combine traditional learning techniques with modern technology. We take pride in success of our students.

  • Instructors led small classes to ensure individual attention
  • Mini-project in each class and capstone project at the end of the course
  • Homework after every class and homework assistance provided
  • Progress chart for every student and parent interactions